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From: Xavier
Subject: Father/Son Workout #3Father/Son Workout #3
by Xavier LThis is a fictional story containing sex between a father and his minor
son. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if this
theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading.If you are interested in my other stories, you can find them listed in the
Authors section toward the bottom under Xavier L.Please feel free to email me with comments or if lolita angles nude bbs you'd like to be notified
when there are new stories or updates to existing ones at
The alarm clock woke us both up. We kissed and then went our separate ways
to get ready for our day. We decided to go to McDonald's for breakfast and
eat on the way to his school. As he got out of the car he reminded me he
had rugby practice after school. "Mitch will give me a ride home," he
added."OK. models preteen l loli
Love your guts.""Love yours," he replied as he shut the car door. I watched him depart
seeing him in a new way, imaging his naked body as under his jeans and
green tee. I was getting hard again, so I pulled away and entered traffic
as I headed to the office.I have to admit it was difficult working, especially with my son's picture
sitting next to the computer monitor. I kept looking at his killer smile
and those intense, amazing eyes. At one point it got so bad I arina russian model lolita
had to go
into the men's room and jack off in the stall! As I stroked my cock I
imagined his large dick sliding in and out of my mouth, my head pinned
against his athletic body, the salty taste of his flesh as he fucked my
mouth, his wiry pubes tickling my nose. Surprisingly he pulls out of my
mouth. I stare up at him silently begging for his cock, but he just smiles
and yanks my pants down. Wordlessly he tugs at my hip. He wants to fuck
me. I roll over, reaching back and spreading my cheeks apart as his thick
meat slides into my crack and then enters me. Desperately needing to bust
a nut, he is impatient and just rams his cock into me. I cry out "Oh
Ellis!" as his hands grip my shoulders and he begins fucking me hard, his
raging hormones feeding an intense lust. And then I'm brought back to the
bathroom as I shoot into a wad of tissue.The rest of the day goes a little more easily, although I find I can't wait
until Ellis is home. I realize I've become obsessed with my son, yet it
doesn't really bother me. Even though it pussy free lolitas nu
probably should.When I get home I decide to catch up on some emails until Ellis is home.
Thinking about pizza for dinner. My heart leaps in my chest when I hear
the front door open and my son calling for me. "In here El!" I answer.I turn around in my chair as Ellis walks in. I notice his sweaty shirt is
stuck to his torso. He came over and gave me a sideways hug since he's
dirty and sweaty. "How was practice?""Pretty good," he answers, neither of us letting go of our hug. "We've got
a big match this weekend, so Coach really worked us!""You guys should do fine. You've been playing really well this year.""Hope so! We all wanna go to state this year."I rest my head against his hip, enjoying being close to him. "I was
thinking of pizza preteen porn lolita models tonight. How does that sound?""Sounds good.""The usual?""Yeah, that'll work," he replies. I notice his hand moving from around me,
so I begin to sit back into my chair. As I move back I notice he is
lowering his shorts. My dick begins to respond, and my mouth begins to
salivate as the dark brown patch of his pubic hairs emerges from beneath
his shorts. I find I can't take my gaze away as the base of his cock
becomes visible. I unconsciously lick my lips as more of my son's meat
appears. He is purposely being slow about this. I'm not that patient, so
I reach out and yank his shorts and underwear down and begin greedily
sucking on his beautiful cock. "That's right, Dad. Suck my dick!"I savor his salty flesh, his skin and pubic hairs still damp with sweat. I
lower my head to his sac and suck the sweat from there as well. As my head
returns to his cock, his jersey rubs against my face. Soon I can feel the
jersey lifting away and then feel it slide past me as it falls to the
ground. I remove my mouth from his rod and kiss up his thin treasure
trail, making a circle with tongue around his navel. I hear him moan and
feel his hands on my head.I kiss my way back down to his cock slowly, and once there I swallow his
hard flesh once more. He feels so good in my mouth! I run my hands up the
backs of his muscular thighs until they come to rest on his tight ass. As
I began to squeeze his cheeks, his hips began to rock back and forth. I
feel him grab fistfuls of my hair, and shortly thereafter he is guiding my
head back and forth as he begins to fuck my mouth. I work until I can deep
throat him, and I hear him say "Oh yeah Dad! Take it all man!" He is
becoming more forceful about ramming his dick into my throat, and I force
myself to relax and surrender control to him.I ignore the small amount of pain I feel from his pulling on my hair and
change my breathing so I don't gag as much when his cock shoves itself down
my throat. He fucks my mouth even more rapidly and then says "Here it
comes Dad, here it comes!" At hearing this I shove his cock in all the way
just in time to receive his load. "Shit!" he says as his cum unleashes.I swallow it eagerly not wanting to lose even a drop. When he's done
injecting me with his salty treat, he releases his grip lolita school uniform tgp on my hair and
withdraws his cock from my lips. "Good work Dad!"I grin at his praise and reply "My pleasure," giving him a wink."I'm gonna go get showered.""OK," I reply, releasing my hold on his ass. "I'll order the pizza."I watched him pull his shorts up, grab his shirt off the floor and head to
his room. I placed a call to the pizza place and waited for my son to get
out of the shower. Hoping for some more action, I went into my room and
put some lube in my butt just in case and changed into some gym shorts,
leaving my underwear off. By the time he came walking down the hallway
dressed only in light blue boxers, the delivery guy was ringing the
doorbell. Ellis walked right into the living room and plopped down on the
couch, turning the TV on with the remote while I paid for our pizza. I
brought the pizza over to the couch and sat down next to him.We ate our dinner and laughed together at the program we were watching.
When we were finished, I put the box on the floor and moved closer to him.
He lifted his arm up and rested it on the couch. I ran my hand over his
bare torso. Then I lowered my head to his chest and began working www sabro lolitass com his
nipple. As I did that my hand slid down his 6-pack. I noticed his
breathing change as my hand neared his waistband.I moved my lips to his neck and began lightly sucking on the soft skin
there as my fingers penetrated the elastic of his boxers. A thrill shot
through me as my fingers found his hard dick. I lowered them more until I
could rub his balls. As I caressed his nuts, I moved my mouth to his lips
and kissed him passionately. I began stroking his cock, and I felt him
lowering his boxers. When they were to his thighs, I pulled them down the
rest of the way, and he kicked them off of his feet. We both laughed as
they landed on top of the TV across the room.I lowered my mouth to his knees and kissed them each, then moved to his
meaty thigh and kissed my way back to his balls which I then sucked on
lightly before taking his cock into my mouth once again. I pulled my shirt
off and tossed it to the floor. I worked on my son's cock slowly, noting
every texture, feeling the large vein on the underside of his cock sliding
along my tongue. When my nose neared the dark patch of brown hair, I
deeply inhaled the scent of soap. Chills ran through me as I felt his
fingers rubbing my back. As his hand moved down my back more, I found my
rhythm picking up.His hand slid into my shorts and began rubbing my ass. As I continued
sucking his dick, I reached back and pulled my shorts down. His hand
squeezed my cheeks eliciting a guttural moan from me. He squeezed harder,
and I quickened my pace on his rod."Seems to me like you need my dick in your butt, Dad."I moaned more loudly and deep throated him. He stuck part of his finger in
my lubed ass making me moan even louder."Want me to fuck you Dad?"I released mini lolita bbs pics
his cock and answered "Yes! Fuck me El!"He withdrew his finger and started to rise. I quickly moved out of his way
and adjusted myself into a doggie position. My heart raced as I felt him
moving into position behind me. I bit my lip at the overwhelming
anticipation I felt. I felt the tip of his cock against my hole and
thought I would cum right then and there. "Oh yeah, oh yeah!" I said as I
felt it pushing past the entrance. "Just shove it in son!""Are you sure?" he asked, his voice tinted with surprise."Yes," I answered bracing myself mentally. He gripped my hips firmly and
then did exactly as I had asked. My ass screamed in pain as his large dick
rammed into it. I bet the edge of the couch to stifle my own protest. As
his cock came to rest, I almost had tears in my eyes."You OK Dad?"Through gritted teeth I replied "Yeah, just hold it there for a bit."He remained inside me, his cock buried to the hilt, hands rubbing my back
as the fire in my ass calmed. As the pain subsided, it was young girl lolita naked quickly
replaced by intense pleasure. "Go for it, son.""You sure?""Oh yeah!"And so he began to fuck me. He began slowly, withdrawing his cock until it
almost came out (actually, it did a couple of times) and then slowly
thrusting it forward. As my hole relaxed to accommodate it, his pace
picked up until he was ramming his cock back and forth in my ass. I began
chanting "Fuck me! Fuck me!" and started moving backward to meet his
forward thrusts."Hell yeah!" he said and began pounding me harder. His preteen porn lolita models thrusting became
more urgent, and I grew more greedy, shoving my ass into him roughly as our
bodies slapped together. A few more thrusts later I could feel his cock
twitching inside of me, and I knew he was shooting his load. His hand
wrapped around my cock, and in 2 strokes I was blasting my own. "Damn
Dad!" he laughed.I responded to his jovial comment with "What do you expect with your dick
up my ass!""You complaining?""Hell no!" I said, with both of us chuckling."Lay down."I eased myself down as he remained lodged in my ass. "Gawd I love you
son!"He wrapped his arms around my torso and hugged me tightly. "Love you too,
Dad.""I'm gonna hate when you have a girlfriend.""I thought that's what you were pretty much. Besides NOTHING is going to
keep me from doing this," he said, resting his head against my head.I didn't know what to say. Did he really view me as his. . . lover?
Should that bother me? Stupid question as I lay here with him on top of
me, his cock wedged in my ass! I thought."Know what I'm going to do?" he asked."No, what?""I'm going to keep my dick in your butt until it gets hard again, and then
I'm going for round two."I lolita school uniform tgp smiled, even if he couldn't see it, reached back, found his ass and
squeezed it. "Sounds like a helluva plan to me!"Watch for part 4 (which won't take nearly so long next time to get
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